Born: 1990

Lives: Torquay, Victoria

Road Riding Style: Break away rider, strong on the hills, and with a punchy kick.

Most memorable cycling experience: When my team-mate finished Melbourne to Warnie (Warnambool) after being very sick with the flu. I'd never heard anyone so sick and prepared to race, it was incredible and something that I will remember and think about on race days.

chloe mcIntosh

Chloe is a breakaway specialist

Chloe began her cycling career on the track as an under-19 athlete and was selected into WestVic Academy of Sport in 2008. She attended a six-week altitude and testing camp at the Australian Institute of Sport at the start 2010. Chloe raced for CycleCity until joining up with TORQ/BSS in 2012 and raced with Suzuki Bontrager for the 2013 season, contributing to many of the 2013 National Road Series team victories. With CBR Women's Cycling she placed 3rd in 2015 Melbourne to Warnambool.

Chloe is an aggressor in the National Road Series, and loves to instigate break aways. With a great head for tactics, Chloe is a great team captain on the road for the CBR Women's Cycling Team.